making your oc cry is called “characted development”

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I refuse to watch the anime, still I’ll watch that last ep. just to see the whole scene with Toudou and Maki-cha

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I needed to do this because I’m slightly obsessed over this manga, and over Makishima and his relationship with that other guy. 

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inspired by that picture we all know of the sailor kissing a nurse- Michiru and Haruka, because I still can’t go back to drawing straight characters and bc they’re amazing

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"…and so she never ever drew a straight character again. The end."

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If you played dmmd you know the story, The prince gets a secret message from the captive princess who’s locked in a tower. He starts a journey where he meets people and defeats his enemies becoming stronger and in the end, he finds the princess…who ends up being his brother.

I thought it would be fun to make an illustration as if it was a “classic” story. Also in spanish we say “blue prince” instead of prince charming (because they are royalty, their blood is supposed to be blue). So it makes sense in every way *u*

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Anonymous asked: My apologies, you've probably been asked many times... but any human anatomy tips? Mainly regarding the head and placement of the noses, eyes, etc...? Once again, my apologies... ; 3;

I’ve never been asked this and I think I suck at explaining stuff but I’ll try my best (sorry for the shitty drawings)


SO the most important advise always is: learn anatomy, understand the human body, even if you’ll draw a super kawaii anime style, learn how the body works. Now, for the head I usually don’t follow the rules because I suck, but the the easiest way for me to do it is to draw a skull. See I start with a cross and a circle for direction, then a stupid skull for placement, then just draw over it. If you go to google right now and look for 3 pictures of skulls in different positions/perspectives, and copy them….I’m pretty sure that will be enough practice to understand how it works. Then the style doesn’t matter, make the eyes bigger/smaller, keep the shape of the skull if you want realism or just trace simple lines over it if you want something simple. Use a mirror. For girls keep the chin smaller/pointier (does that word exist? more pointy) and the jaw line is a curve and it’s not so…rect. For ears remember, they start at the height of the nose, and finish at the height of the eyebrows.


also learn this


^^^ this is the basic and I’ve learnt it in like 5 different classes, annoying I know, but really really important. that’s it I guess. sorry for bad english.

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"…what if Cami worked on a maid cafe?"

He would gladly wear that dress but he would spit on the tea of every perverted old man.

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redesigning my son to make him look younger. for a new project nsfw

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